3月28日付マリナーズの地元紙Seattle Timesに掲載された、”THANK YOU, ICHIRO”という見出しの全面広告が話題になった。それは彼を尊敬する元チームメイトのゴードン選手がイチロー選手の引退を受けて彼への思いを綴ったものだった。以下の一節のように、苦しい境地にあっても支え続けてくれたイチロー選手への尊敬の気持ちで満ち溢れている。
People don’t know how much you’ve helped me over these last five years, Ichi. We both know I’ve had good times, bad times, ups and owns, but your friendship never wavered once. You always stuck by my side through anything, and always had my back. If I was wronged, you would stick up for me every time, even if it hurt you getting on the field. I didn’t think a tweet or Instagram post was appropriate for the occasion, so I wanted to do it the right way and tell you how much I appreciate you as loudly as possible.
It seemed like everyone else was huge and hit homers, but you stayed true to yourself, your work, your process, and, most importantly, your culture.



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