Setsuko Thurlowさんのスピーチから

本年度のノーベル平和賞授賞式では、受賞を受けたICAN(核兵器廃絶国際キャンペーン)と共に活動してきた広島の被爆者サーロー節子さんがスピーチし、自らの体験をもとに核兵器廃絶を訴えました。スピーチの力強さだけでなく、彼女の生き方の力強さを感じるフレーズが続きます。hibakusyaの皆さんが高齢化する中、私たちがすべきことは何かを生徒と共に考える機会となりました。”Don’t give up! Keep pushing! See the light? Crawl towards it.” この精神を今後生徒と分かち合いたいと思います。以下スピーチの抜粋です。
・We rose up. We shared our stories of survival. We said: humanity and nuclear weapons cannot coexist.
・Each person had a name. Each person was loved by someone. Let us ensure that their deaths were not in vain.
・As I regained consciousness in the silence and darkness, I found myself pinned by the collapsed building. I began to hear my classmates’ faint cries: “Mother, help me. God, help me.”
・Then, suddenly, I felt hands touching my left shoulder, and heard a man saying: “Don’t give up! Keep pushing! I am trying to free you. See the light coming through that opening? Crawl towards it as quickly as you can.”
・As I crawled out, the ruins were on fire. Most of my classmates in that building were burned to death alive. I saw all around me utter, unimaginable devastation.
・Whenever I remember Hiroshima, the first image that comes to mind is of my four-year-old nephew, Eiji – his little body transformed into an unrecognizable melted chunk of flesh. He kept begging for water in a faint voice until his death released him from agony.
・To me, he came to represent all the innocent children of the world, threatened as they are at this very moment by nuclear weapons. Every second of every day, nuclear weapons endanger everyone we love and everything we hold dear. We must not tolerate this insanity any longer.
・These weapons are not a necessary evil; they are the ultimate evil.
・We hibakusha had been waiting for the ban for seventy-two years. Let this be the beginning of the end of nuclear weapons.
・To the officials of nuclear-armed nations — and to their accomplices under the so-called “nuclear umbrella” — I say this: Listen to our testimony. Heed our warning. And know that your actions are consequential. You are each an integral part of a system of violence that is endangering humankind. Let us all be alert to the banality of evil.
・To every president and prime minister of every nation of the world, I beseech you: Join this treaty; forever eradicate the threat of nuclear annihilation.
・When I was a 13-year-old girl, trapped in the smouldering rubble, I kept pushing. I kept moving toward the light. And I survived. Our light now is the ban treaty.
・To all in this hall and all listening around the world, I repeat those words that I heard called to me in the ruins of Hiroshima: “Don’t give up! Keep pushing! See the light? Crawl towards it.”
・No matter what obstacles we face, we will keep moving and keep pushing and keep sharing this light with others. This is our passion and commitment for our one precious world to survive.



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